Early Riser


I was good at waking up early ever since I was little. But things would change, of course, when you grew up.

I’m getting back to the person who I used to be, I guess. Waking up early. Become a morning person. Getting things ready before dawn.

But now, I’m struggling.

I lost my track. My alarm was at 5 AM this morning. But then there’s no reason for me to wake up so early. I forgot why I was like that. Setting up an alarm so early and then laid back down thinking about why I set it up so early. Oh well, who has been in this type of boots before.

Then slowly I got myself up at 6 AM. I thought I would have a lot to do but then, think about it, I didn’t have a lot, just a few. So I started to rise.

I got up.

Washed myself.

Made coffee. Read a chapter of a book.

Got coffee. Learn a Bible verse from the app.

Sitting down. Drinking the coffee and writing this blog.

Okay, this is not bad at all. Now that I get myself ready for the day. All the little things that I go through every morning has been checked. I am ready to move on to the next thing.

So if anyone who happened to read this blog and in the same boots as me right now, it really is not bad to wake up so early after all. Why laying down waiting for the sun to come up instead waking up before the sun.

Take your time. Do things as slowly as you want. Because it seems like you really do have all the time in the world to do all your tasks in the morning when you get up early. Try it and let me know.

Peace to all.

It’s a SET UP – What about you?


Walking towards a trap fully known

In and Out French fries for to go

Try not to glow then putting on that dress for a show

Fathoming such deep blue ocean slow, a trap

What to do when that’s no longer you

Up to the sky, there, would you see a clue?

Catching a breath of intention, move you

Knowing is part of what make you you

Losing life is gaining it, he said

How for sure did he attest?

No longer need an approval mess

“Just do it” is Nike fresh out of etch

Hiking is addicting 🌲🌲🌲

Enjoy my random talk 🙂

So, whenever I am down or feeling stuffy, I would prefer a hike over everything else. The time that you have connecting with nature might bring a fresh batch of air to your soul.

You can just look up a trail via google map or alltrail app and other apps. Find the one with your hiking level such as easy, medium, hard, extremely hard, according to the different elevations and trail conditions. Once you start planning, playing the idea of hiking over and over again in your head. So you’re always ready for the actual hike. Just because, sometimes you might feel lazy and try not to do it but don’t worry, once you start, you can’t really stop. It’s every addictive in a sense.

I wanted to write a lot in this topic but writing while laying down just made it harder to think creatively. Therefore, I am going to stop at this paragraph and move on to do whatever next thing on list. Nah, I don’t have a list of things to do. Hmm, I guess making a check list will be my next thing.


I have to keep on thinking, keep on running, keep on chasing. For once, I stopped, I would never see it end. Just like watching a Korean drama, you can’t help but to keep clicking to the next episode, and the next, and the next, until it satisfies you with the result of either good or bad, it’ll keep you on your feet the entire time.

I have to even though I don’t have a mean to. I have to even though I might bring unexpected things. I have to because I have to. Maybe that’s what gives meaning to where I am right now.

I am going to write it down, write it all down. I am going to keep it in secret and never let it go out of my sight for once, again, would I not know that in another universe I already lost it? Who would answer me if I didn’t know what the question would be?

All of a sudden, I remember my thought awhile ago, maybe within five years. Well, the time frame wouldn’t be important compare to what the thought was. What do you think happen to the dead? Is there a place of judgement or a place for the soul to rest? Rest of what, though, the toil of life or the unfinished Kdrama of the night? Let’s say that there is a definitive place for the dead who could not go to either heavens or hell. Let’s say they are trapped in between, asking the same question we would have while on earth, what is the reason for me here? Imagine that world where you can live, once again, with all that knowledge that they have about earth and how it was like. Imagine that once you left this earth, no matter how old or young you were, got to this place where it seemed like earth but with all the people in the same situation like you. Would they come up with a new philosophy of life? Would they determine the course of other people?

Why don’t we come to their world for once, like Crash Landing, the Korean drama, where a lady lands on North Korean? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go ahead and watch it now! Totally recommend it.

Now back to my point, what would it be like if our lives are determined by the one who are trapped in such a world. You let me know! Do you think everything would be different-er than now?