Early Riser

I was good at waking up early ever since I was little. But things would change, of course, when you grew up.

I’m getting back to the person who I used to be, I guess. Waking up early. Become a morning person. Getting things ready before dawn.

But now, I’m struggling.

I lost my track. My alarm was at 5 AM this morning. But then there’s no reason for me to wake up so early. I forgot why I was like that. Setting up an alarm so early and then laid back down thinking about why I set it up so early. Oh well, who has been in this type of boots before.

Then slowly I got myself up at 6 AM. I thought I would have a lot to do but then, think about it, I didn’t have a lot, just a few. So I started to rise.

I got up.

Washed myself.

Made coffee. Read a chapter of a book.

Got coffee. Learn a Bible verse from the app.

Sitting down. Drinking the coffee and writing this blog.

Okay, this is not bad at all. Now that I get myself ready for the day. All the little things that I go through every morning has been checked. I am ready to move on to the next thing.

So if anyone who happened to read this blog and in the same boots as me right now, it really is not bad to wake up so early after all. Why laying down waiting for the sun to come up instead waking up before the sun.

Take your time. Do things as slowly as you want. Because it seems like you really do have all the time in the world to do all your tasks in the morning when you get up early. Try it and let me know.

Peace to all.

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