Weekend Clean Up – Daily Attempt

I spend almost the entire day today dedicated to clean up my ginormous closet. There are so many clothes that they overwhelm my every being. OMG! Not all of the clothes are mine but there was once I have shared them all with my roommate. Have you ever watched that show on Netflix about a Japanese lady tried to help others organzing their stuffs? Stuffs! Stuffs! Stuffs!

I am in a process of learning how to let go.

How to let go of stuffs is the skill that everyone will learn eventually. Heck, you might already have! You have learnt how to let go of your lost eraser when you started Kindergarten. You have learnt how to say good-bye to your best friends over the summer of 5th grade. You have learnt how to let go of that person once was your forever love. Look at you! That very skill of letting go might have saved you a big deal, am I right or am I right?

Lesson has learnt today that I was not ready to let go of the stuffs that I needed to let go. So I put everything in an organizing bag and sealed it off. There will be one day when I am ready to send it all, far far away from me. I will learn to live a minimalist life. I will, yes I will!… Somehow thou, that idea doesn’t seem too realistic right now. Ugh, I am such a hoarder!

I will go to sleep now. And tomorrow, I hope the burden will be lifted up from my shoulders. And by then, I might be able to let go of unnecessary things that were once belonged to me.

14 thoughts on “Weekend Clean Up – Daily Attempt

  1. Good luck! I struggle to get rid of stuff too. I shove them into other wardrobes in bags or old suitcases if I can’t make a decision about them. Then I come across them and get really annoyed with myself but still can’t get rid of them.

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    1. Same here. I am now struggling to bring them all out of my closet and find a safe place to store them. I hope they won’t attack me later on, which I feel like they will eventually… haha

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  2. Me too..I need to let go..some stuff in my wardrobe I haven’t worn for years. And then there’s linen. I can’t part with my old sheets for the fact that they are so comfy..

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