Late Post Tuesday

I am reluctant to post something today. Tuesday is my day off and I usually get up very late. Last night I imagined myself waking up early today to do everything all at once, and that didn’t happen of course. I found time went by as fast as usual even when I was doing nothing at home. However, today wasn’t all that wasted.

I went to look for places to rent in the future. I am planning to move closer to the working area so I don’t have to drive too far everyday. And, maybe not the main reason but one of them, I want to change the environment. Do you ever find yourself changing your room setting once every few months? I am that type who’s always on the look for something new, creating new environments, new ideas, new looks, new changes! The house searching wasn’t a successful today but it was a learning journey. I didn’t know it was that hard searching for new places. But then I started learning about the area and the likelihood of the neighbors around. I got to know that I was very picky at those places as well. I need to grow up in this area, be content with things.

After visiting 3 apartments, bookstore was the next stop. I got to a very good place with variety of choices. I like to go to bookstore more than shopping books online. That feeling of touching each page with the scent of rusty papers, such classic feeling can’t be replaced with all the scrolling on an iPad.

I stumbled upon this very interesting book by John Shelby Spong. After reading a paragraph, I got drawn into the text and the way he was explaining, so simply yet informative.

I will sure update of this reading on my next posts!

I am planning on starting a research project of expressing my Christianity. There are so many Christians giving their thoughts of what it means to be Christian and I want to join the race. Everyone has a different point of view and I have mine as well. I wanted to do this a while ago after I graduated the Studies of Bible and Theology, however, I was hesitant until now. I was impregnated with the idea of defending my Christianity to my friends who were curious but also carefully considering. Of all those Christian believes out there, not all of them are in unison with the theology but all point toward Christ from different directions. I hope to be another enhancer to the light which has already been lit up since the death and the resurrection of Christ.

For this, I would love to have you, my readers, as my partners in exploring the idea of being human, fragile, broken, yet has been redeemed, rebuild, retouch, and brought up to light.

What a Tuesday and more to come!

6 thoughts on “Late Post Tuesday

  1. Nice! keep up with your reading and tell is about it.

    I will probably be moving to a new place soon in the summer. My family is looking for a place for me to rent and it will be far from my work if everything work out…;). yup, a new environment. It’s a long story…I might blog about it.

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    1. Thank you! I will try to weave in my reading in the next posts.
      The summer is a good time to move. I will be moving in the summer as well. Would love to hear about your story!


  2. I can relate so much to the beginning of our post, as well as when you refer to changing environments. I find I have to do it in the two spaces I frequent the most.

    My living room and bedroom. I really enjoyed hour post! Thank you.

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  3. “I’m am that type who’s always on the look for something new, creating new environments, new ideas, new looks, new changes!” Wow! This is like meeting someone just like me! I’m so glad that you followed my blog, yours is so fascinating!

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