Random Thoughts #1

Check out this post while I’m quite busy with life at the moment. I’ll be back shortly.

Juan was asking other night why I post so much to Instagram (@bythespanishlagoon), but write so little to my blog. I have this thing called …

Random Thoughts #1

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #1

  1. Well I post differently? First of all… I stay away from all social media and don’t post photos… there is a freeness to that?

    And then when I post – that’s mainly for me… I originally just wanted to pour out the things that were too heavy and try to work through what I can… sometimes writing it out helps me.

    So I just like to write that all out to help me figure out… or help someone else who might be same?

    Memories also pour out, I like those. Those make me smile – I try to stay away from the bad memories because those make me cry.

    I don’t try to be anything… I don’t try to think what I’m going to write about … and if anyone is boring – it is me!! Lol

    I don’t put pressure on myself to be anything to anyone else. Maybe my kids ❤️ … but here it’s just a release for whatever thoughts I have at that moment.

    If people want to read and are curious, going through the same things or can relate… then it’s a bonus…

    If not oh well, I did it for me.

    I am somewhat a perfectionist too in areas and I do little ocd things here and there, I isolated myself after a lot of trauma…

    I fell off the face of the earth with all social media and other things – this was a way for me to make sure I did not completely isolate and if I ever needed – I could recall my moments and thoughts. ❤️✌️

    My thoughts are extremely random… I love to hear what others go through or deal with… or life hacks and tips for how to do things… I like poems and funny posts, and the sad ones – I can feel those – they come from the heart

    It’s ok to vent or whatever else. It’s ok to release negative and then move on.

    Anyway, I love reading other people’s posts – and I really love that this is world wide… I only know the United States so it’s really amazing to read posts from other countries or see photos … I love all of that.

    Don’t let it overwhelm you. And if you need to step back, do that… everyone needs a moment from time to time. Life happens and get busy sometimes, or you need a break – it just happens … but that’s ok

    Just try posting something freely for yourself? Thoughts or how you handle something… my most favorite posts are the ones that just speak from their own minds or experiences

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    1. Doesn’t it feel so good to just let stuffy and tangling things from your head out?! I feel extremely free after doing so. It’s very encouraging to hear the same from others and feel that sense of strangely but familiar connection. Let life be whatever it shall be, contentment and happiness will sure follow.

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      1. Absolutely!! Couldn’t have said it better myself! I agree with all that!

        Love that I found this blog thing!! Even though I had no idea what I was doing to begin with lol… I didn’t even know how this worked … I wouldn’t look at other posts at first because I thought maybe there was a way you were “supposed” to do it, and I just wanted to let all my stuff out … now I read as much as I can from all kinds of blogs – love that… but it’s all so been really helpful and strengthening to let my stuff out too … I am so glad I tried this! ❤️

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