It’s good
To take a seat when you’re tired
To breath when you’re anxious
To hold on to someone when you run empty

It’s also good
To be conscious of who you are
To be aware of your people
To unite, not to divide

It’s better
To be fully known
To let go of the norm
To express selflessness

Grieving. Denying. Accepting.
Moving. Knowing.

Good Friday
Is good indeed

One thought on “Good

  1. aw, what happen to you on Good Friday? Are you grieving? Is it because church is closed? Did I read too much into the poem? Will there be another poem comes Sunday? Good Friday does all that for you?

    For me Good is when I’m not worry about life – ignorant is bliss they say. I get that peace when I run. I’m probably more inline with the first stanza.


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