I AM Back!!!

I hope everything is well with you all, my beloved!

I am excited to be back to writing once again after being absent for so long. Has it been months now? Oh how time flies!

Of course, I’m not expected to have a lot of traffic for this blog on the first of being back but nonetheless, I am hoping to catch up with you about my life thus far and what I would like to do next.

From the last blog, I got a job and started working with the National Guard. You might have heard a lot about what the Guard is doing in the United States. We have been called to many occasions and I’m glad I was a part of a great organization helping with the Covid Response Force and welcoming soldiers who were deployed overseas back to the States. I have done that in 6 months and concluded my work with the Guard for now. I am applying further to work as a full-time staff with the Guard though, but the applying process is taking a bit of time. For now, I would like to work on my soul, my being, the “core-living body part”.

If you would like to follow my story or maybe just a fun read everyday, feel free to add me to your list ;). I will probably post a new one in the morning or at night time. Surprise, I guess.

Anyway, the day is in your hand, be happy and make good choices.

NO PRESSURE – Enjoy the random me talking 😎

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