Let’s be human


Wow. I really am don’t know how to start or where to start.

I guess I’ve been watching a lot of shows lately. I started crocheting, at first a beanie, then more beanies and a full sweater. I was amazed at my products and the results afterward. I was happy.

While I was crocheting, I was watching Netflix simultaneously. I finished 6 seasons of Schitt’s Creek, 7 seasons of The 100, and sporadic Korean Dramas.

That explained why I haven’t thought of writing anything.

Today post will just be an easy one. I really enjoy my life at the moment, could have been better with more traveling this year, nonetheless, life is still good. I got some hiking in. I’m financially stable, for now. My integrity is still intact. Life goes on. Hopefully, I’ll stay in this time and season for a bit longer before moving on to more crazy journeys. I sure will enjoy every last bit.

I finished my run for today. I’ve been running almost everyday now except the day I went hiking. I learn a thing or two about running that once you’re at your sweet speed with a constant body movement, your mind and your body merge in. Right at that moment, everything seems to disappear. You’re running but you’re not running. I’m not sure how to explain this. I’m still experiencing it and not quite know how to put it down.

Imagine one day, when you’re free of worries and ambitions, life doesn’t end then, maybe that’s when you start living.

Until then, let’s be human.

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