Thinking OUT LOUD #1

Today is the second day that I am on order. This order is also my third order for Covid-19 Mission.

The first order, I helped with delivering PPE and Covid-19 test to counties in the NW areas for 10 weeks. The second order, I was with all the other medics administering vaccines to the residents for 5 months.

Now, for this third order, I will be helping the Hospitals with whatever they need. I am not sure how long this order will be. So far, the order is for 4 weeks with possible extension. I am low-key hoping for a long extension for this order since it helps financially for sure!

Something arises that needs my attention right now. I just got news that I would be working closer to home, 10 minutes drive. However, a friend of mine hasn’t known where she would be stationed yet and she’s stressing out. She wanted to switch with me if she had to travel farther to where she’s at. I am in the middle of deciding what I should do, to be generous and putting others’ need above my own, or to be content with what I have. The dilemma is real!!!

Also, I am planning to have more time to shadow PAs so that I can apply for IPAP. I need to be home so I can do that. I also want more time to jumpstart a new biblical research again. I have so many thing that I want to do and so little plan for them to become fruitful. That is something I hate about myself, I want to do too many thing but don’t want to put effort to do it.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’ll share more the next time I remember to write things down again.

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