Thinking out loud #2

Sometimes, I have this sense of clarity in my life. Like, I know exactly what I want and how I want it. Other time, I have absolutely no idea what makes me feel happy.

Like right now, I have this sense of defeated even though I haven’t started doing anything yet. Yet, I feel like my entire world doesn’t make sense anymore. What an extreme feeling this is! Either this or that, nowhere in between.

Sometimes I find myself unable to express my thought through words. I wanted to say something but word got stuck in my throat. At time like that, I felt so inferior to the people around me, that I am not adequate enough to have a simple conversation.

I’m afraid that I might lose my confidence and my skill if I don’t advance in what I do.

There is this one trick that I have to boost my confidence when I feel inadequate, I would read the Bible and feel content in His grace and mercy. That God’s love is more than enough. Once I align my purpose to God’s love, everything seems to get back to its original plan. Looking up feels great at time, isn’t it?

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