Last day of 2022

Have you ever watched a movie or a show with an intense focus that you have completely dissolved into the character’s life?

Today, I watch The Wind Rises by Ghibli Studio.

Picture by Ghibli Studio Blogpost

Emerging in the life of a boy dreaming about making airplanes, my eyes skipped the frame of the TV nor did I see the plain wall behind it. My consciousness was a part of the main character’s life that it was secretly cheering him on along the way.

Have you ever watched something like that?

When I lost my way of life, I would usually attempt to look for someone else’s life and ignore my situation. That could be one of the ways to cope when one could not see any way out of one’s problem.

I didn’t watch that show today for that particular reason. It was only because I stumbled upon the show by chance. But because I was so ready to disregard all of my reality while absorbing the life of Japanese people of the 20th century, I had tremendous respect for the writer, Hayao Miyazaki, and his team. They did an amazing job conveying the society at the time as well as bringing in a new wind of life.

If you ever have a chance to watch any of the Ghibli movies, I am confident that you will find life in a new perspective.

To celebrate the coming new year, 2023. I would like to find meaning in everyday life to seize what’s in front of me and appreciate what life has to offer.

I wish you all a very happy new year! 🥳🥳🥳


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