New year resolution 2023

I am sure many have been coming up with a new year’s resolution. That is one way to keep ourselves moving forward. To create a checklist so we can feel fulfilled after we check all the boxes. I am no different from you. Generating a list will allow me to be in the now, to have better focus, and to advance.

I haven’t been writing the blog religiously. As you can tell from my blog history, I skipped more than a year of blogging. Therefore, to encourage me to write more, I will have blogging as one of the boxes on my checklist to check every day. I also want to challenge you to do the same.

I understand that not every day contains something exciting to write in the blog. However, we can take a moment to sit down, relax, and dream, then the possibility of growing and maturing through writing is there.

With all such great talk, if I did not keep my word to write every day, I was no less than someone who went against myself. For the new resolution this year, I accept my challenge and hope to post my writing early in the morning every day.

Cheer to the new year and a good life!


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