Save the day

Waking up to a very foggy sky, I thought my eyes were adjusting to what could have been a new wave of air. To my surprise, it was the aftermath of the fireworks on new year’s eve. The air quality was unhealthy for anyone staying outside. I wanted to start the year with a run, but the sky’s condition was not in my favor.

Imagining a new year with many possibilities, I didn’t want to let the sky spoil my enthusiasm to live better. I decided to visit a museum nearby instead. Regardless of my effort, the museum was closed for the day. I wouldn’t want to give up on today because of those circumstances. I was more determined to save the day.

I thought of another best thing to do to kick off the rest of the year. I decided to invite all of my friends who live in the area to go out for the night. Then we talked about watching a movie or getting a drink, but I couldn’t bring myself outside because the air was still terrible. I could feel its effect inside my apartment. So, I ended up taking a nap to recover and had a long talk with my mom on the phone.

That was it for my day. How was yours?

River walk, San Antonio. I was here yesterday.

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