Being grounded

06Dec2022, somewhere in California

I had a few hours studying A&P2 yesterday, and I might be able to focus on the Anki cards a little more today. However, my mental health is my priority on the weekend.

I have been waiting to visit the museum since I moved to this new place. So today, I might come and learn a thing or two about their exhibits.

I love the weekend because I can breathe without constantly thinking about school. But, I know not to abuse my freedom and find more balance in my approach. However strong and confident you are, there will always be a blind spot to keep you grounded and aware of the situation, regardless.

Sometimes, I spoil my feeling and lose focus quickly. I found that it’s hard to stay constant in all situations. Once I noticed how far I was from the track, I tried to identify my blind spot and refocus my attention.

Therefore, I will utilize the weekend to consolidate everything I’ve learned in the week and spend more time on reflection and meditation.


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